100 Sight Words Level 3

100 Sight Words Level 3

Single Unit

eeBoo’s well-considered version of a fundamental educational tool.

Sight word flash cards include 100 high-frequency word flash cards, 18 learning activities, instructions, a checklist, and two rings to help children move through the deck of 100 cards by level.

Level 3 includes high-frequency simple words for children to learn through memorization, creating a foundation for literacy.

Each flash card has the Sight Word on the front and a sentence to provide context on the back of the card.

Includes 2 rings in level 1-3
Cards: 2 7/8 x 4''
Box: 4 1/4'' x 3/4'' x 7 1/2''

/11942/eeBoo/EE-FLSW3/FLSW3.jpg /11942/eeBoo/EE-FLSW3/FLSW3-1.jpg

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