Alpha Animals Board Game

Alpha Animals Board Game

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids

Ages 8 - 108

Are you the master of animal kingdom or the bottom of the food chain?

With Alpha Animals, Green Board Games’ first ever game, you will see just how much you know about the animal kingdom.

Players race around a spiral board naming animals from specific groups (birds, fish, mammals, reptiles & amphibians, insects, spiders & crustaceans).

However, along the way, the challenging multi-choice question may have to be answered or an animal action performed.

Can you name an insect beginning with ‘A’? A reptile starting with ‘Z’? Which has more neck bones, a giraffe or a mouse?

Join our Alpha Animals Adventure and find out!

Learn and improve your animal knowledge with 2 different question levels as well as reading the animal facts in the rule book.

Perfect for children and the whole family. This game is made from recycled materials.

2 - 6 players or teams,


- 1 Game Board

- 1 Wooden Die

- 6 Hand-carved Wooden Animal Playing Pieces

- 2 Packs of Question Cards

- 1 Rule Booklet with Animal Facts 

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