Alphabet Island Letter Recognition Game

Alphabet Island Letter Recognition Game

Single Unit
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Engage young learners in early literacy skills.

Reinforce early literacy skills with this easy-to-play alphabet-themed board game for young children as they race to match upper and lowercase letters.

Skills Developed:
- Alphabet Learning & Recognition
- Upper and Lowercase Letters
- Letter Recognition
- Beginning Sounds

Includes two levels of play: letter recognition and beginning sounds
Game play is suitable for the whole family
For 2 – 4 players

Game box includes:
- Engaging Game Board
- Plastic Shark Model with Moveable Mouth
- 28 playing discs featuring lower-case letters on one side and pictures on the reverse
- 26 game cards featuring uppercase letters on one side and pictures on the reverse
- Multilingual Game Instructions

Game board measures 40.5cm x 40.5cm
Game play is language free
Features multilingual packaging

How to play:
- Spread the playing tiles across the board with lower-case letters facing upwards
- Place the shark in the water circle
- Shuffle and place the deck of letter and shark cards face down next to the game board
- Turn over the top card on the deck
- If an upper-case letter is turned over all players race to find the matching lowercase letter disc on the board. If found, that player gets to keep the disc
- If a shark card is turned over the player must feed one of their letter discs to the shark
- When all of the alphabet cards are turned over the player with the most discs is the winner!



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