Attribute Apples

Attribute Apples

Single Unit
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Compare apples with apples while playing with this unique set!

Sort and classify apples by 5 attributes including size, colour and physical features (stem, leaf, worm).

Learning Skills:

- Measurement & Data Learning Style

- Tactile & Visual Skill DevelopmentOrganization- Comes with a bucket for easy storage and

- Organisation (comes with a bucket for easy storage and organisation management).  

- Fine Motor: Refine pincer and whole hand grasp with the different apple sizes and practice hand-eye coordination to reach for and grasp the apples in or out of the bucket.

Basic Concepts:

- Learn to recognise and identify colours, sizes, physical attributes and details (stem, leaf, and worm) of the apples. In doing so, students gain insight on similarities and differences.

Set includes: 

- 27 Apples 

- Activity Guide  

Grades: Pre-School+

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