Beleduc Candy

Beleduc Candy

Single Unit
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A Beleduc Colour Matching Game

The sweets have different colour combinations with up to 3 colours.

The youngest child begins and throws all 3 dice together.

The aim now is to find the sweet that matches the colour combination on the dice.

Concentration & quick reactions are needed here.

This exciting game promotes powers of observation, visual discrimination, sorting and colour combination recognition.

Set includes:

- 41 Wooden Sweets (7x2.5cm)

- 3 Colour Dice

- 1 Mat (45cm diameter)

Number of Players: 1-8

Parts: 45 Pieces

Item Size: 200mm x 145mm x 70mm

Age: 4yrs+

Learning Skills: Recognising and Naming Colours, Combining Colours, Distinguishing Primary and Secondary Colours, Counting, Action- Reaction, Concentration, Fine Motor Skills, Social Behaviour. 

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