Beleduc Layer Puzzle Set

Beleduc Layer Puzzle Set

Single Unit

Age: 5 Yrs+

Greenbean presents this new and innovative layer set, bringing together three Layer Puzzles of superb quality.

Every layer contains an entire story and with three products, including Grandpa & Grandma, Girl and Boy, each with over 28pcs there are so many stories to tell!

Young learners can develop their knowledge of bodies and healthy bodies with detailed body sections and layers clearly segmented through individual removable layers.

This Beleduc combo consists of the following 3 products: 

 - 5 in 1 LAYER Puzzle Grandpa & Grandma

 - 5 in 1 LAYER Puzzle -Your Body- GIRL 28pcs size 35

 - 5 in 1 LAYER Puzzle -Your Body- BOY 28pcs size 350

Item Size: 14.5 x 29.5 x 2 cm

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