Count & Build TotBot

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids
Age: 2yrs+

Develop essential early skills with this hands-on robot.

This friendly robot will support early learners in the hands-on development of key skills from an early age.

A sturdy plastic construction set is perfectly sized for little hands.

Plastic nuts feature:

Numbers 1-5 to develop early counting and number recognition skills

five different colours to encourage colour recognition skills (purple, green, yellow, orange and red).

 five different shapes to build shape recognition skills (triangle, circle, pentagon, square and rectangle.

Completed robot is ideal for imaginative play opportunities to extend the learning.

Robot comes with an easy-to-hold pretend wrench to help tighten the nuts and develop fine motor skills.

Early skills activity set includes:

Two-piece TotBot robot

Five plastic nuts

Detachable bolt

Toy wrench

Item size: 20cm 

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