Electronics Learners Kit

Electronics Learners Kit

Single Unit

Age: 9 Yrs+

Simple circuits, series and parallel connections, electronic circuits with transistors, capacitors, resistors and LED. Step by step, this construction set teaches the basic principles of electronics.

The Electronic-module, a control with 16 fixed programs, has 2 motor outputs, 3 analogue inputs for sensors and potentiometers for controlling the speed of the motor. Many fascinating, as well as functional models, can be built with this construction set, from a simple flashlight to ship see-saw, alternating flasher, and controllable ventilating fan.

The eLearning portal offers exciting, instructional activity information about electronics.

Set includes:

- Electronic-module

- XS motor

- 2x Transistor

- 2x Capacitor

- 3x Resistor

- 2x Push buttons

- Phototransistor

- Temperature sensor

- LED light barrier

- 2x LED

- Battery holder for 9V block


- Item Size: 46.5 x 32 x 8 cm

- Number of Models: 16

- Number of Parts: 260

- Weight: 1390g

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