Find Monty!

Find Monty!

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids

For cat-finders with a good memory who always want to know where the cat is hiding!

In the game box you will find a green bed, a red blanket, small blue pillows, a game board/carpet and the cheeky cat, Monty

The cards show where Monty is hiding: on the bed, under the bed, next to the pillow etc. 

In turn, each player must reconstruct the scene with the pieces to score a point. The scene must then be accurately described.  If done correctly, a point is scored. The player with the most points once the deck is exhausted is the winner. Find Monty helps develop spatial perception and nurtures language development and communication.

Also a great tool for the development of memory.

Set includes:

- 1 Cat

- 1 Bed

- 1 Pillow

- 1 Blanket

- 34 Photos Cards

- 1 Wooden Board

- 1 Symbol Dice

Parts: 40 Pieces
Item Size: 245mm x 245mm x 60mm
Age: 4+ Years
Learning Skills: Cognition, Motor Skills, Communication

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