Gears- Gears- Gears- Jr Flower Garden Build & Spin

Gears- Gears- Gears- Jr Flower Garden Build & Spin

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids

Age: 4yrs+

Let their imaginations roll!

An early introduction to our Gears! Gears! Gears! Building Sets.

Small children will love joining these bright construction pieces together to create moving works of art.

The Build and Spin Flower Garden Building Set encourages creative thinking as young children build their very own garden.

As gears are pieced together, fine motor skills are reinforced as well as that of encouraging the understanding of cause and effect through hands-on learning and play possibilities.

Completed creations will spin with a twist of just one gear handle and pieces will mix & match to create endless combinations, preventing boredom.

Ideal as a solo or group activity, this set is a perfect way in which to keep children busy while learning through play.

Set of 17 pieces includes:

1 Sturdy Plastic Base
8 Large Plastic Gears in a Variety of Colours
7 Garden Themed Characters
1 Gear Handle

Base size:: 29 x 23cm

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