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Beleduc Gross Motor Imitation Game.

This game calls for quick perception and some imagination. To act, imitate or describe a wide variety of illustrations. It's fun and encourages creativity!

The players throw the dice and move to the colour shown on the dice. Now they have various ways to explain the illustration to the other players. They can mime it, imitate the sound or explain the illustration without calling it by name. The first one to reach the goal wins the game.

Set includes:
- 1 wooden game board (370 x 370 x 10 mm)
- 6 playing figures
- 1 Colour Dice
- 1 Symbol Dice

Parts: 9 Pieces
Item Size: 390mm x 390mm x 64mm
Age: 5+ Years
Learning Skills: Language Development by Description, Sound Imitation and Communication, Social Behavior, Teamwork, gross Motor Skills in Pantomime, Movement in Individual and Partner Exercises, Visual Perception, Recognition and Naming of Colors, Perception of Sounds and their Allocation, Development of Ideas and Creativity

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