Junior Engineer - Planes

Junior Engineer - Planes

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids

Age 3 Yrs 

The little engineer series building theme “Flying Dreamer” allows the completion of flying models such as the hang glider, helicopter, space shuttle and more.

Hand-drawn stories depict the models as characters so that children can play in an immersive experience.
Storybooks are used to guide children and introduce them to Gigo bricks to develop their interest in assembly while unleashing their imagination and creativity.
You can build 10 different funny plane models, all with their own individual and entertaining movements.
Improve children’s recognition of shapes and colours.
Improve children’s hand-eye coordination while stimulating their brains.

Story includes:
"Airplane Peggy is about to attend the performance in the sky festival. Can she complete her mission?” Kids, come and cheer for Peggy!

Set includes:
73 parts for building and story telling.
48-page instruction manual 

Components: 73 pieces
Item size: 370mm x 230mm x 160mm    


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