Latch & Learn School House

Latch & Learn School House

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids
Age: 3yrs+

Develop curiosity with this engaging early skills activity set.

Ideal for developing a range of key skills from an early age. Its interactive nature will keep little ones entertained while encouraging their curiosity too.

Sturdy plastic activity set is perfectly sized for little hands.

Plastic school house features:

Four windows and one door, all with a type of workable latched lock

Five colourful room settings

School clock with moveable hands for early time telling activities

Different coloured windows and doors will build early colour recognition (green, blue, red, purple and orange)

Comes with easy-to-hold people counters in the same colours, allowing for basic colour matching activities.

Activity set features numbers 1 -5 for early counting activities and number recognition.

Introduces positional language as children place the counters into the rooms.

Set provides hands-on play to strengthen fine motor skills from a young age.

Locking and unlocking the latches will introduce cause and effect to early learners.

The set includes:

Plastic schoolhouse

One teacher counter

Four student counters

Schoolhouse features carrying handle for easy transportation.

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