Move & Twist

Move & Twist

Single Unit
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A Beleduc Action Game

The little ladybird wants to go up along the blossom stem to the wonderful flower. But it cannot do it without the help of the players and all sorts of flying and crawling exercises. Be the first to complete a flower by collecting stem cards and a blossom card.

Players decide on how tall they want the flowers to be. E.g. 4 stem cards tall. Stem and blossom cards are put in separate stacks, face down.
Players take turns taking the top card from the stem card stack. The active player looks at the task described on the back of the card and tries to complete the picture task. If he/she is successful, he/she gets to keep the card and puts it down in front of him/herself. If he/she fails, the card is returned to the bottom of the card stack.
If a player has collected the agreed-upon number of stem cards, he/she gets to take a blossom card instead.
The first player to have built a complete flower (consisting, in this example, of 4 stem cards and a blossom card) wins the game.

The tasks require gross and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, concentration and observation skills and include: flipping the wooden ladybugs with one's fingers, guessing in which hand another player is holding the bug, stacking bugs on top of each other, throwing a bug with one's foot and catching it, throwing it over one's head and catching it, balancing it on one's head, elbow or shoulders, jumping with a bug on one's hand etc.
There are 3 joker cards that allow players to add a card to their flower without completing a task, and three bad luck cards that make you lose a part of your flower.

Set includes:
- 24 Stem Cards
- 8 Blossom Cards
- 5 Ladybirds
- 1 Spare Ladybird                                         

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