One World Animal Trip

One World Animal Trip

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids

A Beleduc Recognition and General Knowledge Game

Each player picks a character and starts on any continent of their choosing. Each player draws 4 different animals out of a bag that they need to take back to their home - they spin the compass wheel to determine where they must move on the map. Be careful! Sometimes you might land

Be careful! Sometimes you might land on some bad weather and have to miss a turn. Once the player has landed on the coloured continent they must check if any of their 4 animals match the colour of the continent they are on, if they do they can drop the animal/s off on their home continent.

Set Includes:   
- 1 Cardboard Game Board with Compass Turning Arrow  
- 4 Playing Figures  
- 16 Animal Cards 
- 1 Rain Card
- 1 Symbol Dice  
- 1 Cotton Bag

Parts: 25 Pieces
Item Size: 371mm x 238mm x 50mm
Age: 3+ Years
Learning Skills: Helps Recognise Various Animals on Earth, Strategy, Recognition of Visualization and General Knowledge.

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