Playstix Vehicles (130pc)

Playstix Vehicles (130pc)

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Welcome to Playstix!

The toy that allows you to build the ordinary and inspires you to build the extraordinary.

Are you ready to build a motorcycle, race car, truck, train or aeroplane? The piece selection in this 130 piece set was specifically designed for making vehicles. It includes soft wheels that snap on and off any Playstix piece and can also be used as a steering wheel. This set includes an Idea Booklet that provides some great examples of vehicles you can make.

Groovy Shape:
Each Playstix piece has grooves that interlock when one playstix piece is placed across another. The different length Playstix pieces are colour-coded, so it's easy to see how each model is built.

Think it! Build it!

Once you've mastered your building skillls, you'll want to explore the possibilities of Playstix unique "Snap and Lock" feature. So, put your imagination and creativity to the test Think of something, then build it! Set includes:

Set includes:
- 120 Playstix Pieces
- 4 Small Wheels
- 6 Large Wheels
- Plus Instruction Booklet

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