Snap-n-Learn: Rhyming Pups

Snap-n-Learn: Rhyming Pups

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids

Age: 2yrs+

Snap together and pull apart these tactile puppy dogs for early learning fun!

Encourage young children to master early learning skills in a snap with these colourful, two-piece plastic dogs.

Printed pups are easy for little hands to snap together and pull apart.

The set features 5 different colours, therefore reinforcing colour recognition too.

Colourful puppy dog heads feature beginning letters. Plastic puppy dog tails feature two-letter word endings.

Heads and tails can be mixed and matched to create over 55 rhyming words.

Basic three-letter word building and rhyming focused on while at the same time children develop fine motor skills as they snap these creatures together.

Pups can also be used to expand imaginative play opportunities.

Activity set encourages a variety of early literacy skills:

Letter Recognition
Early Word Building
Basic Spelling

Includes two levels of play:
Colour Matching
Identifying Letters

The set includes:
10 Completed Pups

Colourful pets packed in a useful storage bucket.

Item size: 11.5cm 




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