Space Adventure Mini-Julian & Scorpion

Space Adventure Mini-Julian & Scorpion

Single Unit
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Age: 3Yrs 

Julian is the son of Griffin, a miner of planets. He and his mining robot Scorpion only mine, but due to its fierce appearance, they often find themselves being attacked. He loves music from Earth and dreams of becoming a hip-hop artist.

Build one space robot (Cube Figure) and its space vehicles by assembling over 45 block pieces including some with unique joint mechanisms.
The instruction booklet allows you to build at least two kinds of space vehicles (one at a time), and they can also be combined with parts from other GIGO Block series (sold separately).
Expand your imagination by combining blocks from other GIGO Block series to build your original robot and space vehicles
Set includes:
45 Special joint pieces that allow unique movement of the joints
Instruction Sheet.

Weight: 0.14kg

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