Space Machine

Space Machine

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids

Age: 8Yrs 

The Gigo Experiments line provides children with the opportunity to find out answers on their own. Children learn by simply building and trying out new things while using the Experiments Kits.

The use of gear combinations allows you to complete 10 galactic-themed models.
The all-new infrared controller can independently control forward/backwards movements of 3 motors.
3 high capacity motors greatly increase torque.
Complete 1 galactic-themed model such as the "Moon Rover Curiosity", satellites, astronauts and more. Let children feel as if they are out of this world while they build.
The all-new designed infrared remote control has 4 independent channels so that children can play together without interference.

No. of models: 10
Components: 251 pcs
Item size: 290mm x 417mm x 77mm 
Requires 4AAA and 2AA batteries (not included)



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