Sport Snap

Sport Snap

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids

Age: 7+

Test your sporting knowledge through this delightful deck.

This great game allows you to play Snap and Pairs, two family favourites.

When playing Snap with this fantastic deck of cards, you would be trying to match cards that depict the name of a sport, equipment that is used and the arenas used to play the sport.

In order to play Pairs, simply turn all the cards upside down and turn two over to see if they match. If they do, then you keep them; if not, you turn them back face down.

The aim is to collect all the cards.

Two fun games in one that helps children learn about a range of sports.

Helping children improve their sporting knowledge, Sport Snap is the smarter way to play Snap and Pairs!


- 52 playing cards

- 3 rules cards

Cards measure 9.5cm x 6cm.

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