Tell Me! What to do: Responsibility Situation Cards

Tell Me! What to do: Responsibility Situation Cards

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Taking on responsibility for yourself and others is a topic which children face every day.

What do you need to take care of in the morning?

How do you help your mom with doing the chores?

How and when can we help strangers?

How can you help an older person with a heavy shopping bag or a pregnant woman in the bus?

Do you need to take action when another child gets teased or offended?

How do we care for our pets?

Discovering, learning and telling – our story cards contain 6 different topics.

The topic cards can be easily differentiated by the unique colour of the frame.

There are 5 cards for each topic, which need to be arranged in the correct order.

A self-check mechanism on the back helps with finding the solution.

With this puzzle, children familiarize themselves with various everyday situations.

In addition, the picture cards foster language development. 

Number of Players : 1+
Parts: 30 cards (6 topics, each 5 cards)
Item Size: 280mm x 200mm x 50mm
Age: 4+ Years
Learning Skills: Sorting Skills, Speech Development, Free Speaking, Imagination (role-play, story-telling), Playing and Learning Together, Problem Solving, Social Competence, Social Responsibility and Empathy, Learning about Different Situations and Behaviours.

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