ToPoLoGo "Visio"

ToPoLoGo "Visio"

Single Unit
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"Next to", "behind" or "in front" – with ToPoLoGo Visio two-dimensional images can be made three-dimensional, and spatial positions can be understood easily, thanks to child-appropriate game parts and appealing motifs.

The cards are assigned to 3 levels of difficulty and show sceneries and figures in different positions, which need to be copied on the grid board – depending on the alternative to play with or without the magnetic or the mirror board.

Spatial sense and imagination are trained in particular.

Set includes:

- Wooden Box with a Wooden Side and a Magnetic Side

- 1 Base Board

- 29 Wooden Figurines

- 7 Magnetic Figures

- 30 Task Cards

- 1 Holder


Parts: 69 Pieces
Item Size: 24.8 x 24.8 x 12 cm
Age: 4+ Years
Learning Skill: Social Skills, Spacial and Visual Perception, Creativity, Imagination

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