Torreta (Metal Box)

Torreta (Metal Box)

Single Unit
  • Lets learn Kids

Age: 2 Years+

A Beleduc Dexterity Game

Who can build the tallest tower the fastest!

Depending on the colour or number of dots that come up when the dice are thrown, the children build their towers.

Different numbers and colours, different lengths and thicknesses: choosing the right building bricks isn’t easy!

Whoever stacks their tower fastest without it toppling over will win the game.                     

Develops counting, first calculations, combining and distinguishing between different numbers and colours, recognising different lengths and thicknesses, the relationship between size and quantity, recognising and naming colours and numbers, fine motor skills, concentration, social behaviour, and speech development.

Set includes: 
- 25 Wooden pieces
- 1 Dice with colours
- 1 Dice with dots (1-6)

Size: L20.7 x W14.7 x H7.11cm

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