Tri-Facta Multiplication & Division Game

Tri-Facta Multiplication & Division Game

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Age: 8yrs+

Tri-FACTa is a fun and educational math game that helps your school-aged child practice multiplication and division facts while having fun. This is a math game that that is excellent for the classroom and for the home environment.

Geared towards ages 8+ as it is the version for multiplication and division, there is also Tri-FACTa for Addition and Subtraction for the younger child.

Similar to Scrabble, each player has a rack where they keep their number cards handy to use when it’s their turn. Each player can use their number cards to create multiplication and division facts. The aim is to be the first player to play all your cards, and call out “tri-FACTa”, and you win!

The game includes: 

Triangular game board,
100 Number Cards
4 trays.

For 2-4 players

Item size: 25cm 
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