Witches Kitchen

Witches Kitchen

Single Unit

Brewing your Way to Winning!

The little potion brewing experts search under mushrooms for dots in the same colour that comes up on the die. If the colour under the mushrooms is the same as that shown by the thrown die, the player may put the mushroom into his/her own cauldron. The first player to fill his/her cauldron with the 7 mushrooms is the champion potion brewer.

Skills developed:
- Cognition
- Motor Skills
- Colours

Game includes:
- 1 Cardboard Game Board
- 1 Turntable
- 28 Wooden Mushrooms
- 1 Die with Colours

Age: 3 Years+

Package size: 37.8 x 27.5 x 5 cm 

Players: 2-4

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